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3 days
Visit the site of Hegra and explore over 110 astonishingly well-preserved tombs set in stunning desert landscape. You’ll also learn about the fascinating ancient people and culture of AlUla.

Evidence for human presence at the Hegra site dates back to beyond the 1st millennium BCE, and was the location of the Nabataean city from the end of the 1st millennium BCE into the 1st millennium CE. Today, Hegra is best known for having more than 110 monumental tombs carved from rock formations, in which the Nabataean elite were laid to rest.

Inscriptions detailing who was buried within remain above some of these breathtaking burial chambers to this day. As you walk through the site, you’ll find tombs dedicated to healers, military figures, local leaders and others. In addition to the inscriptions, you’ll see repeated stylised stone carvings, or betyls. These stone blocks acted as representations of the gods. Some feature stylised eyes, noses and mouths.

Tour guide, 4x4 car, accommodation, meals & sightseeing tickets


Hisma desert
Experince the beauty of north of Saudi Arabia visit Wadi Dissa, Madyan and Hisma Desert

Tour guide, 4x4 car, accommodation, meals & sightseeing tickets

Tabuk 3 Days

7 days
Enjoy the culture and nature of southern Saudi Arabia


The south of Saudi Arabia

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